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Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

About love

Can not be denied,
when love touches, everything was so beautiful ..
Heart there is only love for him,
when the meeting could not say anything
lips felt numb ...
too shy smile
When the eyes accidentally met,
there is a sense that it is difficult to unfold.

  Ah Love, could it really be for me?

There is a rainbow colored hearts,
blue sky in the heart.
beautiful as beautiful as flowers,
fresh air as fresh as a soothing, and
warm as warm morning sun that shines ..

But when Love began parting,
Love seemed to scorch the red coals.
Heart burning jealousy,
love lies exposed,
said glide blindly,
no shy smile
turned away from face-to-eye,
shy away from facts.

  Ah Love .. you just go and go ..!

No longer rainbow coloring,
rain no longer hidden,
Love is no longer as beautiful as flowers,
The air was no longer cool,
chilled and frozen like a giant iceberg.

This is the sense of love .. many colors, a wide sense .. and all became part of life ... if we are to understand and comprehend, we can give it meaning, to deal with, and foster a sense of mutual trust .. It will produce a Happy Love

  (for all who affected by Love ..)

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