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Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

•`❤`¤°.• Could it be Love ?

Dear diary.......
•``¤°.Something I cannot forget about him is…When he asked me something and when there is a question that I cannot answer.
he would ask, and ask again ..... 
and I had to explain everything so that he understands, 
then he'll ask again ... •``¤°.such as never ending questions for me,  
he wanted to know about me, about everything that I used to do.
At the end of the conversation he always said ...
•``¤°....I LOVE YOU.

Dear diary ........
For several days he was not there.
•``¤°.I miss him so much.
I missed with all the questions,

•``¤°. I missed with all the requests to me,
I missed the sense of curious about that is always in him.

Where's he going now ...?
•``¤°. it may be he has forgotten me...? 

•``¤°.Something I regret is ......... why I had to meet with him.
If only it did not happen…. I might not miss as it is today.
there is a sense of fear of losing him.

Dear diary.
•``¤°.could it be....... LOVE ?
                                                              Cute* with Love
                                                                20122012 3:08 

The more I’m escape,•``¤°. the more cannot forget you,
Just because I see your face, I cried,``
Just because I mention you in my daily I cried.

I love you with my heart, ``
This makes I can't turn away from the heart desire to continue to love you,
Though perhaps age, will no longer exist,
I'm happy to know you, ``
I'm happy have a dream to live with you 

`I know… may be I’ll never mean in your life, I'm just a person who may have disrupted your life, but ... Really ..!, ``
The love that I have 'really from the heart,
The desire of my life is to live with you, ``  there is no desire for this from my heart before, but when I realized the fact ... I could just cry and cry, trying to bury all the beauty of heart desires. `` Try to forget of happiness with you.

•``¤°.Yes I love you,
•``¤°. Yes I want to live with you ...... but it’s possible? 
`I cried in my silence,
`I cried in my longing``
`I cried in the heart desires that cannot be realized.

•``¤°.I choose to love you in silence,
For in silence I found no rejection,
•``¤°.I choose to love you in dreams.
For in my dream no one owns you.
 But me...
If  later time get me, I want you to know ``
That ..... although our world is different, but 

•``¤°.I still have love for you here,
•``¤°.I still have longing for you.

```Thank you for made ​​me have a dream for a moment.
```Thank you for the love you gave.
```Thank you for the time you spend.
```Thank you for the longing that still I feel.
```Thank you for everything •``¤°.

----`` I still LOVE you ``............ indeed!

~ For in Silence of My Love  ``         

                                                                    `21032013 `

~ The Mirror of My Soul

Dear Diary.... 
There was something unusual in me, the first time I knew him only in comment from a status,
i just want to know about the lines that I did not understand what it meant.
Then we talk like people who are already familiar with,
but we do not know at all and we are not friends.

Until the end of the friendship that ensued.
But there was something strange...
I was confronted with a mirror like heart and my mind.
if I wanna talk about feelings and love....,
all I had in mind was written in a note.
what is in my heart has been drawn by him.
Really can not believe it...... My heart is blue, irregular heartbeat.

           `There is a sense of pressure in the chest hard I spend.
           `There's something in my heart that I did not understand.

I'm confused ... all my words run out ....... I felt empty.
I was like.....I don't have anything to reveal.
I'm confused ..... confused .... and confused.
Then I realized, if there is a heart and mind like me it might be
the mirror of my soul that I never knew and understood,
he lives in a world apart between distance and time.

The question is ..
could it be that we have one heart and mind in different bodies ?
such as the mirror of the soul that separate each other.
-------- Strange, confused and do not believe........

                                                                                   Wise`with Love
Dear Diary...........

~ When I stand in front of the mirror,
I look at myself ... and I see your shadow there
 remember you made ​​me smile, 
remember you made ​​my heart full of love,
 ღ remember you made ​​me laugh ... but also
Makes me cry, because there are wounds there,
    >I can’t express the words,
    >I can’t explain all the love,
    >I can’t explain all the flavors in my heart.
 When I realized... this fact. I can only convince myself.
~ That the sense of love that I have is only for you……,
------------❤only for you ❤--------------
I love you like I love someone who is in the mirror.
          ~ In the silence of love in my heart ~

                                                       ^End of years 2012 Wise`with Love