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Senin, 04 Maret 2013

¤°.¸.•´¯`»✿`FLOWERS and DEW ` ˚ ˚

  The cloud palace looks beautiful, an angel with white wings gently dancing every night, singing every day, spread love, give love, making every flower beauty.

   A prince from the country dew tried to approach her, he secretly always pay attention to every song, every movement in the beauty of the atmosphere every day.

  Once when Angels a low flying circling a small park accompanied by many butterflies are colorful, a moment she was stunned by the white petals of flower buds on the sidelines of green foliage, approached then try to touch it, but the intention is undone, because there are tiny granules nodes slowly descend from sky with the emergence of the sun from the eastern horizon. Someone with premises white wings spread wide dancing granules small translucent, sometimes sparkling by sun.

Gob smacked without being able to say anything, The Angel tried hiding out of sight. He infiltrated in the green foliage. But suddenly she becomes fresh and vibrant, while the clear granules touching her body and flowers beside the current was moving slowly open the white petal one by one. So she is no longer hidden from beautiful petals of white flowers and fragrant it, The Angels then flew back to her palace.

                  ----------------------o 0 o----------------------

   Tonight there was no dance or singing as usual, angel was silent in the clouds, recalling what happened down there. There's something going on in her heart after clear granules touched. It was refreshing, giving a sense of something else that she had never felt. It seems like the Angel's cloud want to be transformer herself into a white flower that in order to meet every day with Prince who cast
a translucent granules, found a fresh new feel without having to show up in front of him.

   Angel back down from the clouds, playing with butterflies spread the beauty of the flowers waiting granules down from the sky and touching her body. But the sun had hid his face bright, Angel do not realize that, just as she reached the garden small, yellow butterflies dancing more than others, they like to hide and hide behind leaves wider, then clear granules fell, but not as usual, granules such as water dripping, making the birds and the bees did not venture out of the nest. Angel smiling bowed sluggish, has confirmed she will not see the prince with fluffy white wings dancing. She heart was sad, her face grim, and then she flew back toward the palace above the clouds. Passing across the sky and stopped to the brightest star then she put her longing there, so that she could see later on during sleep ahead.

   Angels sing alone, there is no dance that accompanies it, just felt lonely. She looked at the bright star in the east there, where she put her heart feeling. She did not want to go down again, she did not want to go anywhere, just want to be alone to sidelines cloud where she used to observe the earth alone.

`My heart longing you, Oh ... My Dew
How can I see you again?
If all deterred by the rain just will not stop.

  Then she lay still looking at skies, yes... No dance today, there is no sense of happiness that accompanies, until she fell asleep in a dream.

  Meanwhile, in the corner clouds there the Prince Dew looked sad, he did not see the smile that radiates from the face of the angel, he did not hear the beautiful singing of happiness that comes out of the melodious sound of the Angel, and he flew across the sky, towards the stars and take the angel heart. Putting it in his heart, somehow the taste is so beautiful. Apparently angel miss him so much. Prince Dew muttered to myself.

Crossing several small clouds, then back on the big cloud where angels fall asleep and dreaming.

   The sun shown  the brighter face. Angel cloud waking from a dream, her heart wanted to get down, but remember what happened yesterday, she was in doubt, so from behind the clouds she watched the little garden, watching the white flowers are now blooming beautifully, but her eyes caught something different. There is a line of colorful are curved beautifully from the palace. she stood up, wondering what the colors lines is?... doubt she put her foot on this beautiful colors. When her feet touched the lines, she suddenly turned curiosity, what exactly these beautiful colors? and cool touch her feet, she feeling a little bit slippery, so she set up her wings without intending to fly, just keep the balance so she does not fall.

  In every color there is a different atmosphere she felt, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and millions of other colors. That join together to form a beautiful arch. Unconscious Angels dancing and singing, to the melodious voice heard by princes who were spreading dew droplets form arches that was unfinished.

   Prince Dew flying toward him, but the angel did not realize, she was carried away by the color of lines, she singing and dancing with eyes closed. Prince Dew smiled and simply follow the movement of an Angel Clouds, occasionally trying to keep Angel to the right line of colored lines. And suddenly an Angel flying unaware if her feet had run almost fell because it did not prepare her wings, but she was shocked and opened her eyes. Someone had caught her and now she faces handsome face glowing, her body was still in his arms, the Prince Dew give a sweet smiling face, a smile that gives in the feeling freshness.

   Without a word the Prince Dew releasing his arms grabbed the hand of the angel and took her to fly back to the beautiful colors, the dancing while spreading granules return forming a beautiful arch, like a bridge that connects the cloud palace where the Angel lived with a small garden filled with color butterflies colorful.

'Hi .... Princess Cloud, I'm the Prince Dew, look at this...this is called RAINBOW formed from droplets of water that I deploy then exposed to the warmth of the sun to produce millions of colors. "You love these colors? Prince Dew introduces himself.

Angels stunned could not say, he was a little embarrassed because she was fell drifting .

"Me, I love the blue color." she said quietly, staring at the face in front of him.

"Oh … Blue huh ..? You are missed someone. ... " Prince Dew said with a smile, and wiggle the hand that still held hands of Angel Clouds.

"How did he know me?" Angel Cloud told herself.

"Can you release my hand?"  Pleaded Angel clouds.

"Ooh, sorry". Prince Dew blushed then he took off the hands of the angel.

"Well …done". He said again with a smile.

"Come Princess, I show all the colors of the rainbow" Dew prince regain hand the angel, and an angel was silent following the steps of the Prince Dew.

"See… the color pink, you want your feet put in color it? Asked the Prince Dew.
The angel just nodded and followed the directions to a pink color.

Oh, it's ... it cannot be expressed, her heart so happy when her feet gently touch the pink colors, yeah ... the feeling of happiness that cannot be disclosed, the angel smiled sweetly.

Then she stepped into brown color. Her heart was shaking slightly, her mind becomes erratic, as there were doubts but didn't knows what?
Then she followed her foot to steps into the yellow color, her heart a little bit relieved but still felt indecision, and she did not want to linger in that color. Then she jump stepped on the red color, her body shaking, there is hard feelings in her heart, wanted to be angry, wanted to be crying, her emotion resulting from her heart. Realized.... the Angel fly away from the red color.

"Oh, I do not like this color!" she said a little bit harder.

Prince followed and reached her hands, then hugged the Angel tightly and bring her back into the red color, the Angel Cloud let her in Princes Dew arms.
"Lighten up Princess, you had been feeling that, because you feel your heart being erratic, now try to look at me," the prince smiled, took off his arms and holds gently the Angel cloud face, so close.... that the Angel Cloud can see the beautiful blue and clear of Prince's Eyes.

   Angel looked closely at the face of the prince and found what he was looking for it. Yes, longing ... longing for the presence of a person, there is a sense that began pervaded her body surge, the taste is different, not anger, and she did not realize she embraced tightly the Prince, there is even the slightest desire to kiss the prince's beautiful eyes. 'Oh, what is this? She cried silently.

Prince Dew smiling fluffy aware of the angel on her position, which slowly pulled back, blushing for what she did.

"Look at the Princess ... you're still standing at the red color and remember, is not always the color red is anger, because it depends on your mood.

"Your does not need to hide to see me, you do not need to turn yourself into flower, because  you're  so beautiful as flowers.

"Princess Cloud, listen to me...... "  I love you, like I love the granules that I spread each morning and i made this rainbow for you.
So you can express all your heart on there,
So that you can get off without having to rotate to get to a beautiful garden,
So you can quickly see flowers and play with butterflies at there,
I know your heart … Princess and I can feel what you feel.

The angel bowed in, but do not want to inflate their wings to fly, she shed tears and let it the tears fall  wetting color to her feet, then the red color slowly turn into the color pink, the color is beautiful and happy.
The prince approached gorgeous angel face, removing every tears drop of on the angel's cheeks.

"Can you feel the happiness, Princess?  Prince say

The Angel Cloud is only able to nod gently.

'You know Princess ........ Every time you hide in the foliage and white flowers,  I always want to touch you, I'm happy when my granules spread fall on a beautiful like you.

"You're so pretty like a flower, you not need to say what in your hearts,
coz I already knew, sorry........... I have taken heart at the brighter star, and I feel happy as you feel.

I love you Princess Cloud, as you love me.

No words came out from the lips of the Angels Cloud, because all the words, all the flavor has been described by Prince Dew.

I love you Prince Dew, as you love me.

Prince dew is very happy and he sang, hugged Princess Cloud tightly and asked her to dance then fly enjoy the beautiful evening.

Princess of Cloud let her body in Prince arms ……..flying with their wings of love ,'s so beautiful, then their walking on rainbow with many colorful butterflies follow their.

Prince Dew whisper......

Every day every time and every moment I think about you
And I feel happy with a sweet breath that makes me very happy,
And I had every day with joyful coz of u.
Coz  your  talking, your sweetest smile, and coz of your love.
I can’t forget the beautiful moments in my life.
That's very happiest moments of my life.
And without you there is nothing in my life
No hopes, no dreams, and I am alone and lonely...
You are my heart and heartbeat.
I can feel your smile always and always

I want to you...
I want to live with you
I want to love you
.............and I need you.
Without you I can’t sleep in night
Without you I can’t  think..
Without you I can't live my life.
Without you I am nothing
.............You are mine and my life.

Princess of Cloud looked at the face of the Prince Dew.... give him sweet smile, no words could says, she was very happy and hugging the Prince Dew…. tightly

 ------------------------------- `Mr. Sweet and Mrs. Sweety Story. 

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