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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

*°•.H E A R T ❤

°`It's about the heart  that have a lot of love.
      °•.  °•.  °•.  °•.  °•. °•.  °•.  °•.  °•.  °•. 
✾If you feel pain, your heart has to treat it first.
✾If you feel alone, just open your heart space,
then you will find what makes you not alone.

                   *°•.    *°•.      *°•.
✾If you're feeling sad, your heart will entertain you and ask for your brain, to remind you of the feeling of happiness that you ever had.

                    *°•.     *°•.     *°•.       *°•.
✾If you feel happy, your heart will ask the mind that reminds you of a sense of sadness. So you are not too soluble in the excitement.

        *°•.               *°•.        *°•.            *°•.
✾If anyone hurt you, your heart will guide you to remain calm and cooperate with the brain to always think the best.
                             *°•.       *°•.    *°•.
*°•.Look at your heart,❤
make peace with your heart on everything,
you will find the happiness that others can not feel it.

         *°•.               *°•.             *°•.              *°•.
That's why i can't be angry.
✿`Because Anger can turn off the heart, 
`while the heart had a sense of love. ❤
✿`And i do not want my heart did not have all the sense of it,
         *°•.        *°•.       *°•.
so if I give my heart to you, please be careful with my heart,
✿`because you will not find a heart like this to anyone else........   

     ✾Heart*speak...❤ from my Soul.*°•.
     ✿like flowers and dew who need each other,
      ------- so cute, so sweet like honey from bee ..
      ......*°•......its so nice..✾✿

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