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Sabtu, 24 November 2012

~ About "Something"

"Something" ...might be meaningless and out of sight.

Then turned into a form that sometimes there are people who like or sometimes there are people who hate it. they do not know or realize how "something is" trying to survive.

Then "something" is silent, "something" be alone, "something" was shut themselves, but not to escape from reality, but thinking, trying to understand reality, to improve themselves to be better .....
one day "something". showed up again ... many people like and even love. "something"  is now looks so beautiful by them and,
"something"  is trying to give the best for all in need, selflessly .....
 they do not realize that it was "something" that they hate or avoid ever before.

you know whether something is ........?

The point is ....

try, try to get to know and understand first, and then you can judge how that person is in your life, and do not judge from the outside shape, but look at how his heart.
 -------------------for in Silence of my heartbreaks -----

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