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Rabu, 20 November 2013

Believe .... ♡ `The Power of Love

when love grows inside the hearts.
unify sense that hindered by distance and time, 
tears fell one by one on my cheek ...

I am feel you, remember you...and love you with my heart.

`I'm happy .. Because you had been born in the world you were among the billions of people but I could find you with my heart.. with my feeling, with the soul who needs love.

we were separated by distance and time. We were stranger in this world.... cos we were not know that Allah created our luck .. with each other and melted our heart.... divided our body thought and feelings emotions..

We were restless, we were unhappy with our life.
coz we were not found the love which created by God.
but now we are happy, our pieces heart became one, our half body became in one... we found the love what we need

Now we are one in two bodies, 
we are one in thinking..... we are one in love... we have same emotions.... we have much love.... we could found the right person...we could found our true love..belated after a long wait.
but we got our soul

And we are so happy... sometimes hard to describe our happy heart feelings. we cry together ,we laugh, we joke, we make fun....
how happy we are.... and sometimes when can't describe our feelings, we just describe our happy feeling with happy tears.

Smile and tears can't be in a moment.. 
But if you get it tears with smile on your face.....
it's happiest moment of the life....
And we get it again n again.

¤°.✿.•`♎´.•°•.✫With Love My Cerita  20'11'2013

2 komentar:

  1. i love you with every beat of my heart........... :'(

  2. Feelings are still the same but time has gone