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Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

•`❤`¤°.• Could it be Love ?

Dear diary.......
•``¤°.Something I cannot forget about him is…When he asked me something and when there is a question that I cannot answer.
he would ask, and ask again ..... 
and I had to explain everything so that he understands, 
then he'll ask again ... •``¤°.such as never ending questions for me,  
he wanted to know about me, about everything that I used to do.
At the end of the conversation he always said ...
•``¤°....I LOVE YOU.

Dear diary ........
For several days he was not there.
•``¤°.I miss him so much.
I missed with all the questions,

•``¤°. I missed with all the requests to me,
I missed the sense of curious about that is always in him.

Where's he going now ...?
•``¤°. it may be he has forgotten me...? 

•``¤°.Something I regret is ......... why I had to meet with him.
If only it did not happen…. I might not miss as it is today.
there is a sense of fear of losing him.

Dear diary.
•``¤°.could it be....... LOVE ?
                                                              Cute* with Love
                                                                20122012 3:08 

The more I’m escape,•``¤°. the more cannot forget you,
Just because I see your face, I cried,``
Just because I mention you in my daily I cried.

I love you with my heart, ``
This makes I can't turn away from the heart desire to continue to love you,
Though perhaps age, will no longer exist,
I'm happy to know you, ``
I'm happy have a dream to live with you 

`I know… may be I’ll never mean in your life, I'm just a person who may have disrupted your life, but ... Really ..!, ``
The love that I have 'really from the heart,
The desire of my life is to live with you, ``  there is no desire for this from my heart before, but when I realized the fact ... I could just cry and cry, trying to bury all the beauty of heart desires. `` Try to forget of happiness with you.

•``¤°.Yes I love you,
•``¤°. Yes I want to live with you ...... but it’s possible? 
`I cried in my silence,
`I cried in my longing``
`I cried in the heart desires that cannot be realized.

•``¤°.I choose to love you in silence,
For in silence I found no rejection,
•``¤°.I choose to love you in dreams.
For in my dream no one owns you.
 But me...
If  later time get me, I want you to know ``
That ..... although our world is different, but 

•``¤°.I still have love for you here,
•``¤°.I still have longing for you.

```Thank you for made ​​me have a dream for a moment.
```Thank you for the love you gave.
```Thank you for the time you spend.
```Thank you for the longing that still I feel.
```Thank you for everything •``¤°.

----`` I still LOVE you ``............ indeed!

~ For in Silence of My Love  ``         

                                                                    `21032013 `

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